Our Mission


Our story begins on the island of Bali. It’s where we met, fell in love and where our lives changed forever. I, Olivia, was there volunteering at an orphanage and Marco was on an epic surf trip. We spent many months on Bali together discovering each other and our love for the island. Marco is an Italian ocean lover who explored tropical destinations for the last 18 years, I am a California girl born and raised in Topanga, we came from different worlds and different languages but our love is the truest form. 

Family of the Sun is my dream coming true. Children and traveling have always been my biggest passions and Family of the Sun allows me to express who I am and what I love. 


Giving back

Our products have been hand selected from artisans in Kalimantan, Borneo island, Indonesia. These bags made of sturdy vine-like palm native to the region, making our products not only sustainable but also regenerative because when rattan plants are in demand it encourages the villages of Borneo to keep and expand their forests to allow the rattan vine to grow. Without the primary forest, Rattan would not exist, this creates an incentive for us and for the local Tribes to nurture the habitat. We are sourcing directly from Borneo villages, who are the ones who make each of our bags by hand. We make sure that our selection of products is supporting the community. Our goal is to continue to expand our products from our selection of local artisans from around the world and sell unique products that share their culture and materials.


We all share the same sun 

A percentage of all of the sales will always go back to help the children in need and we will one day soon open our own orphanage and safe house.